Magdalena Smogorzewska

Magdalena Smogorzewska

I am a psychologist, trainer, and certified coach.

I work with individuals who are:

  • seeking support in personal or professional development
  • experiencing current difficulties in relationships, work, or personal interactions
  • facing a major life change and want to find their way through it
  • in a crisis situation (such as a break-up or job loss) and looking for direction
  • having trouble adjusting to a new life role (pregnancy, new child, change of position, relocation)
  • want to develop a better work-life balance
  • striving for a happier and more fulfilling life

I invite adult individuals and youth over 13 years old to individual sessions, and I also work in workshops with children from 7 years old.

I have a Master's degree in Social Psychology from SWPS, with specialized modules in psychotherapeutic interventions in practice, psychoeducation and crisis intervention. Additionally, I am a certified graduate of the School of Coaches at Wszechnica UJ, completed an internship in "Psychologist in Practice" at the Therapy Dialog Center, and hold certification as a TUS trainer. Professional development is crucial to me, so I eagerly participate in various additional courses and training (such as Introduction to ACT therapy, the accredited Facet5 personality profiling program, Mindfulness, or the "Bodywork" module in Grof Transpersonal Training). Currently, I am finishing postgraduate studies in pedagogical preparation for psychologists.

My professional experiences in psychology are primarily related to supporting development through individual consultations and workshops and training for adults, covering topics such as communication and managing emotions. I also led psychoeducational workshops in primary, secondary, and high schools on behalf of the Psychodrabina psychoeducation lab on topics such as interpersonal skills, addiction prevention, and anti-aggression and violence prevention. In addition, I have been working in HR for over 7 years, so I understand the specifics of the corporate environment and working with business.

Psychology became my passion even before I started studying. I look at each person individually and during my work, it is very important for me to create a friendly space where one can be themselves, better understand themselves and others, strengthen and activate their personal resources, and learn what will be useful and supportive in life.