Krzysztof Więcek

Krzysztof Więcek

I am a certified TUS (Social Skills Training) trainer, coach, and therapist.

I work with adults and children aged 7 and up. I conduct individual sessions, couples sessions (for adults), and group workshops (for adults or children in different age groups).

  • I specialize in supporting the development of social skills, including emotional intelligence, non-violent communication (NVC), and replacing aggression (TZA)
  • I support individuals with ADHD and autism spectrum at various stages: navigating neurodiversity, diagnosis, as well as coping with challenges arising from neurodivergence.
  • I teach individual clients, couples, and groups how to communicate better to have more satisfying relationships
  • In my work with adults and teenagers, I also help in areas such as productivity (including time management, motivation, and implementing habits) and relationships (including attractiveness, self-confidence and self-worth, and coping with a painful breakup)

I focus strongly on the client's goal and flexibly adapt the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical tools to the needs of a specific person. I draw from the work of recognized psychotherapeutic approaches, especially cognitive-behavioral, Ericksonian and narrative therapy, solution-focused therapy (TSR), and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), as well as numerous developmental approaches, including von Thun's communication theory and neurolinguistic programming (NLP). As a doubly neuroatypical individual, I am willing to share my personal experience related to years of searching for effective strategies to cope with specific challenges.

For many years I have supported clients in achieving their goals and broad personal growth, based on numerous systematic trainings and additional courses I have taken in this area. I complited a Master's degree in Psychology with a specialization in clinical psychology and sexology. I continually develop my knowledge and skills by participating in training and conferences in psychotherapy and couples and family therapy. I also actively use my philosophical background (from my first degree), incorporating elements of the Socratic dialogue. I regularly undergo supervision.

During meetings with clients, I aim for a partnership and relaxed relationship, as I believe good contact and trust are the basis of the effectiveness of the support process.

In my private life, I am passionate about sushi, good science fiction movies, and calisthenics.