Małgorzata Kwiecińska-Więcek

Małgorzata Kwiecińska-Więcek

I am a certified psychotherapist and psychologist, a certified coach and trainer of social-emotional skills, and the founder of the center "Cicha Łąka".

I help adults who, among other things, struggle with:

  • stress, tension and anxiety
  • depression, sadness, shame, guilt
  • difficulties in interpersonal relationships - in romantic relationships, family, work, or other areas
  • are in a difficult life situation or trying to adapt to changes
  • have problems with personality disorder group
  • In addition to individual psychotherapy, I also conduct couples therapy.

Deep therapeutic work has captured my heart and it is now my main professional activity, but I started my way as a psychologist in the field of supporting development, conducting individual coaching and group workshops on social-emotional skills, particularly in interpersonal communication, emotional intelligence, and relationship building.

I work in an integrative approach that identifies the sources of problems in the currently functioning psychological mechanisms (internal), entrenched as a result of past experiences. I believe that such understanding is most helpful in building real, lasting, and full change in the present. In my practice, I primarily draw from cognitive-behavioral streams, referring to thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and connections between them, as well as humanistic techniques, using symbolic and imaginative techniques and creating a space full of empathetic support. I subject my work to systematic supervision.

I completed my Master's degree studies at the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Warsaw with specializations in psychotherapy and personality development support, and then a 4-year postgraduate psychotherapy training at the Professional School of Psychotherapy at SWPS and IPZ.

I gained clinical experience during internships at the Academic Center for Psychotherapy and the Psychotherapy and Health Promotion Center "Ogród" (NZOZ Institute of Health Psychology PTP), while developing my private practice.

I attach great importance to continuous professional development, which is why I willingly participate in additional courses and training (e.g. NLP Practitioner and Master, the Multi-Level Coaching Study, conferences and workshops on psychotherapy).

Though I have many tools that I use, mindfulness, openness, empathy, and faith in the positive nature of humanity will remain the most important to me. In my work, I continuously learn how to be a mirror in which one can look at oneself with a kind eye.